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With its new development, the Bavarian specialist manufacturer Ematec AG, based in Memmingerberg near Memmingen, is revolutionising the workflow for lifting operations in the heavy-duty sector. With the aid of the Ematec manipulation traverse, in short EMT, loads and components weighing up to 250 tons can be precisely manipulated, positioned and stabilised. On top of that, it can be used in almost any weather, because the system which consists of the EMT and the load is absolutely wind resistant thanks to the construction and functionality of the traverse thus ensuring process and work safety on the construction site.

The new Ematec manipulation traverse is a real all-rounder: It acts as an intermediate piece between the crane hook and the load and has various adapters for a wide range of application requirements. On the construction site, this means: one system for all purposes. This simplifies site logistics and saves time. Whether used in the petrochemical industry, in power plant construction, construction industry or in the wind energy sector: the EMT is used wherever heavy and bulky loads have to be lifted and precisely positioned.

„We got the idea for our new traverse right on the construction site, where rotor blades were mounted with a rotor blade lifter developed by us. This is done in a quick and efficient way. However, for each additional component of the wind turbine that had to be lifted up, there existed a separate gripping and assembly tool.

Whether it was the hub, the nacelle or the generator: each time a new lifting tool had to be installed to the crane. The effort was enormous and the set-up times were considerably exceeding the actual mounting costs. That was when we came up with the idea of developing a flexible traverse fixed to the crane hook and to which various adapters could be attached and exchanged in a quick and easy way,“ explains Manfred Eberhard, CEO of Ematec Corporation. As being experts for special constructions, the Ematec professionals got right to work and developed a solution: the Ematec manipulation traverse, or in short EMT.

Precise manipulation and high stability

The Ematec manipulation traverse serves as a link between the crane hook and the load or component. At both ends it has telescopic extensions with 65 metre long chains (RUD), which are attached to the roller block of a guiding rope of a crawler crane or alternatively to concrete blocks on the ground. Two independent chain drives allow the components to be precisely manipulated and stabilized during lifting, positioning and assembly. The EMT can be manipulated up to a rotation of +/- 75 degrees and is therefore absolutely flexible.

The chain drives are operated by radio remote control in touch-control mode – strenuous pulling and adjusting with the rope is therefore a thing of the past. This not only makes the positioning of heavy components more precise and easier, but also increases work safety. A display indicates the forces on the traverse at all times, so that the operator on site always knows exactly where and when to readjust. The great advantage of the new Ematec development: „The force flow is 1:1. No forces are lost at the traverse, as they are transferred directly to the load,“ explains Eberhard.

Flexible Allrounder

To ensure that the EMT can be used for all load handling and lifting operations, it is equipped with various adapters installed at the underside of the traverse in order to attach the loads there. Whether eye adapters, hook adapters or flange brackets: Depending on the individual application, the respective adapter is attached to the traverse in a very quick way by using sliding bolts. It can be replaced just as quickly and easily.

System concept

The EMT system family currently includes four adapters that have been specially designed for the efficient assembly of complete wind turbines: One adapter is intended for mounting a rotor blade to the hub, one adapter for mounting a complete rotor star for star installation and one adapter for the nacelle and the generator. The product range is rounded off by a universal adapter for the lifting of various loads up to 100 tons with lifting belts or other lifting devices. On request, it is also possible to individually manufacture adapters for other requirements. „After all, we are the experts for special constructions and it is our specialty to develop the perfect solution for each field of application of our customers on a project-related basis,“ states Eberhard.

Simple transport and logistics

Very practical: The new EMT system including the adapters is delivered in a 40-foot open-top container. The handling is very easy thanks to the compact transport dimensions of approx. 8.3 m length, approx. 1.2 m width and a construction height of just 2.1 m. The new EMT system can be delivered in a 40-foot open-top container. Traverse and adapter can therefore be shipped as a closed transport unit or transported by air or land and loaded or unloaded by crane in a very convenient way. „This simplifies the transport to the construction site and the logistics on the construction site enormously. It happens quite often that construction sites come to a standstill because the delivery of a lifting tool is delayed. This is no longer an issue with our traverse system as the professionals on the construction site have everything together in a compact way and the required lifting tools are always at hand exactly when they need it,“ explains Eberhard. In the end, this also guarantees process reliability on the construction site.

Also available with high-end rechargeable battery drive on request

The Ematec manipulation traverse works energetically in a complete self-sufficient way with its own engine and a radio remote control. The engine is usually diesel-powered, but is also available in an environment-friendly Green Line version. The electro-hydraulic unit with rechargeable battery operates almost silently and produces no emissions. „This is our response to the stricter exhaust regulations that have been in force since 1st January 2019. With the Green Line version, our customers don’t have to worry about the compliance with emission limits such as the Euro 5 standard or the different Tier classifications,“ explains Eberhard. Especially for the wind energy industry, Eberhard sees great potential here.

With the development of the EMT, Ematec AG strengthens its reputation as a leading specialist service provider for the handling of heavy and heaviest loads. Especially in the wind energy sector, the company from Bavaria is regarded as being the think tank for innovative products par excellence. Many large wind turbine manufacturers already use the rotor blade lifters developed by Manfred Eberhard and his team. They enable a safe and an efficient individual blade assembly of rotor blades and are regarded as the measure of all things in the assembly of wind turbines.

Ematec Manipulated Traverse (EMT)

Technical details:

Transport dimensions:

8.3 x 1.2 x 2.1 metres (length x width x height)

Power supply:

Self-sufficient power supply via diesel hydraulic power packs with generator or optional electrohydraulic power pack with battery (Green Line)


Radio remote control with two radio transmitters, including display of operating modes.

Additional equipment:

Two large flood lights for illuminating the working area, can be switched off via radio control.

2 camera systems with display on the radio remote control

Optional load measuring bolt for weight indication on the radio remote control


Open design for good access of all components.

Photo captions:

A revolution in the heavy-duty lifting workflow: the new Ematec manipulation traverse, in short EMT. Picture: Ematec

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